Build your own success story

Written by Winnie Banice 

Everyone who wants to attain greatness must be able to define their picture of success clearly and simply. Anything that you cannot even visualize cannot be achieved. So today, what is your picture of success? Having lots of cars? Huge chunks of land? Owning that big businesses? Having a large family?

You have to define your success first then work with that.

“Think Big, start small and grow fast.”

To succeed, many books have been written, we have listen to many inspirational talks and the resounding similarity is, concentrate your mind and you can achieve a lot. Be focused on success and have that positive attitude around you that the thing you seek is possible.

Cultivate your mind, concentrate your mind. Let it be the first thing you pray about when you wake up. Keep the ideas fresh in your mind; this forces your mind to come up with different solutions to the questions you seek to solve. Find out what you love to do and then direct all your energies towards doing it.

Set clearly defined personal, professional, and spiritual goals and have the courage to act on them. Life favors the prepared mind. Identify the things that are holding you back. Are you scared of speaking out? Of being rejected? Do you have trouble in your relationships? Do you lack a positive attitude or do you need more energy?


Passion is everything. Keeping true to myself, my love for finding investment tips and dishing investment queries handed me. Below are 7 keys to successful investing:

  1. Be conservative in your valuation assumptions about future growth of the company. Don’t have an overly positive attitude, tone it down a little
  2. Only get into a business you understand. If you have no single clue how the manufacturing industry works, don’t buy or start any investment in said industry. However, if you feel you need it and it is receiving too much attention, then learn everything you need to learn about it.
  3. Buy assets trading at substantial discounts. This is Warren Buffets investment strategy, always aim to buy at a discount. Given the haggling way of life, that shouldn’t be too hard.
  4. Measure your success by the underlying operating performance of the business. How is the business doing? Profits? Losses? Promising profits don’t count.
  5. Have a rational disposition towards price. Most overrated brands are highly priced while their value is not rational to the price. Do your research well. Find out if it really is worth the price it is going for. When buying a plot of land that is surrounded by polluted dump sites, the price would not be same as a fertile nice piece of land up in the highlands.
  6. Minimize frictional expenses; this includes fees, taxes, commissions etc. Find out if there is a way to keep them at a minimum.
  7. Keep your eyes open at all times. For opportunities, for information that could save you an arm and a leg in future.

Be that positive person; believe in your own success!