Kenyan women
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6 business ideas for Kenyan women that sell to Kenyan women

Women can be a huge audience for your business; especially if you are a woman entrepreneur. Read this list of business ideas for Kenyan women to know which ventures target and reap from the ladies.

1.Write for women


It wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that Kenyan women keep magazines in business. No surprise there since most of them cater to a female audience. This is because women do love to read; especially on themes close to their hearts. An explosion of fashion blogs and the roadside book vendor, in Kenya, is testament that the women audience is hungry for written material. HerBusiness is not left behind; we are availing resources for women to launch and grow their businesses. Just check out our opportunities page.

2.Monetize mother-baby bond


Finally, something good can come out of those baby updates on Facebook (we love babies). There is more to this than day care. You can venture into baby foods. Particularly healthy baby foods since healthy foods are a major fad in Kenya right now. You can be involved in baby toys or clothing. Like Supamamas, you could even bring mothers together and earn a paycheck.

3.Healthy foods


According to numbers (which don’t lie), Kenyan women prefer this healthy foods cheat code to old fashioned gym time as a means to lose weight. I don’t know how these women sleep at night. You can be that woman to come up with healthy foods that actually taste good. Concern about good health and great shape will only increase with more information and more time. Among women, unlike men, friends don’t praise you when your stomach starts bulging out. Wait, they do.

4.Women’s clothing

Photo: Kenyan Vibes
Photo: Kenyan Vibes

This is nothing new, hold on though. We have gone full cycle. Nowadays wearing Made-In-Kenya clothing is a statement. Plus, with the government having stated its plans to support a vibrant local textile industry, you can jump onto this bandwagon now. On the producers market’s side. You will sell clothes, shoes and accompanying accessories to Kenyan women. You have already heard of a Kenyan woman expanding her clothes retailing business. It’s real.

5.Domestic services


Forget that nonsense about team mafisi vs sponsors. The real rivalry in Kenya is wife vs househelp. These burdened wives love peace and want to do end this war. They also don’t want to spend the entire weekend cleaning the house. You can step in with an agency that offers domestic services to Kenyan homes at an affordable rate. This business could go beyond cleaning the house and doing laundry. You could even do shopping on their behalf. The wives also hate long supermarket lines.

6.Garbage disposal

Photo: voa news
Photo: voa news

For now, this business is associated with self-help youth groups. It’s okay for women to get dirty too. This business would deal with the ever present challenge of getting rid of household waste. Your solutions would range from outrightly getting rid of garbage or recycling the things people throw into the home dustbin.

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