5 ways to show more self-confidence as a career woman in Kenya

We, women, have particular difficulty developing self-confidence. We instinctively focus on everyone but ourselves. So taking the time for self-development doesn’t come naturally to us. Girls often are encouraged to be passive, and not too daring or confident. Being self-confident can lead to greater success and happiness in life while having low self-confidence can have a damaging effect on your mental health, relationships, and career.  It is a vicious cycle of being unproductive.

1.Always Dress Nicely

Dressing nicely makes you feel positive and presentable and ready to take on the world. Expensive clothes don’t necessarily mean that you feel confident, you could be in casual clothes so long as they are neat, look good on you and are presentable. Don’t forget, you can look good on a Budget.

2.Identify Your Principles.

Having personal principles as well as principles for your business gives you a sense of direction and hence self-confidence. Personal principles help you live by them and they can be used as a checklist, these principles have a way of buttressing purpose and purpose amplifies confidence.

3.Read on Something Inspirational

It could be the bible or motivational articles and books that uplift you and make you feel positive. You could read success stories of other people and you would be motivated.read

4.Get Yourself a Mentor

Do you know someone who is confident and continues to take one new risk after another? Watch how they do this. Find out how they do what they do, and ask them for feedback about your action plan and implementation. Most confident people are happy to help.

5.Accept Failure and Value Criticism.

There is literally no one who is perfect. Therefore it is totally okay to fail and be imperfect. The difference, however,  is that confident women don’t have time to wallow in failure. They’re busy fixing the problem and learning from it. Admit your mistake, own it and move forward. Also keep in mind that when someone takes the time to provide constructive criticism, it means they are invested in you. The more you accept failure and the less you take it personally, the stronger you’ll be in the long-run.

Confidence can be a real barrier to women achieving their full potential, that’s why we are looking at ways to broaden the ambition and aspiration of girls, support women at all stages of their careers and help them set up their own businesses.