Tips for women entrepreneurs
Yeah, right these down

Crazy tips for women entrepreneurs in Kenya

Kenya is one of those countries where women entrepreneurs have to work twice as hard to achieve their goals. Here are 3 crazy tips for women entrepreneurs to cut the effort by half.

1.Wait for the right time
What does this mean? Isn’t it always said that there is no right time to start a business? If you follow HerBusiness much more closely you know that these universal statements are relevant only to particular contexts. The right time, in this context, means you need to build up some capital and experience before you become an entrepreneur. This is why it is always better to venture after holding a job prior. Entrepreneurs who have come from quitting their jobs have knowledge on either the industry or establishing business systems and managing employees in an organization.

2.Forget what you love
We know you just love your thing and you want to start a business out of it. Sometimes, this is not the best move for women entrepreneurs; (no, entrepreneurs for that matter). First of all, it simply may not be a good idea or the best from those you have. Secondly, the stereotype is that women have a narrower range of hobbies. Take for example, “Women’s magazine,” what kind of content goes through your mind? This means missing out on a lot of prospective business ideas. At the beginning, your passion will matter a lot but with time it will about ability. So, instead here is some tips for women entrepreneurs, love what you do.

3.Work with other women
From now on, anytime a woman tells you she doesn’t hang with other women because of drama, back away slowly. Kill the story about women not helping each other. On some level it may be true but only because girls and boys are brought up differently. Females are cultured to focus inwardly; their looks then their families then the community. While males learn to cooperate as they play team sports as kids, for example. If you are a woman entrepreneur ahead of your peers, be the difference and bring more women into the fold. Those who converged at SheTrades, by Barclays and ITC, made this call to action. Share opportunities- like we do 😉 – share ideas by actively networking with other women.