Reach for Change African

Day of the African Child innovation contest by Reach for Change Africa

Reach for Change Africa commemorates the Day of the African Child. In 2016, you can join them by participating in the African Child innovation contest as long as you are a resident of an African country.

Reach for Change Africa has come up with a contest to as part of its mission to invest in people who help African children. This organization is inviting you and all other social entrepreneurs, in Africa, to submit ideas on how each of you would help children in your respective communities.

Simply say how you would use $500 to solve an issue helping kids in your community. Reach for Change Africa will then give you this $500 to realize your idea if it is deemed the best. The people will choose which among 3 finalists the best is; through a public vote on Facebook (yes, it still exists and is still the biggest social media site. Welcome)

How to Apply

  • In a maximum of 200 words, explain how you would use $500 to impact children in your community. Start, “If I had $500 to improve the lives of children in my community…” Finish, #TheChildCannotWait
  • Have a photo of yourself holding up a sign with the name of your idea and #TheChildCannotWait written on the sign
  • Post your photo along with the pitch on Facebook. Be sure to include #TheChildCannotWait in the post. Also, set the post to public so it can be received


Deadline for applications is 13th June, 2016. If you are among the 3 finalists, Reach for Change Africa will notify you a day later.