The Mingle

Don’t miss: The Mingle networking event this January

“How often do we attend networking events and get drained looking for the right people in the sea of people who are also in search of the right network?”

Wemo Kitawa posed this question. She is the founder of MAMA Ventures, a women-led accelerator company, that hosts a monthly networking event called ‘The Mingle’.

Wemo Kitawa
Wemo Kitawa

She wanted to give others, like you, the best value for their time to gain from the effort of going out to network. Since starting, ‘The Mingle’ has grown to have 204 entrepreneurs, extending to an online group. Google Business Groups (GBG) are just one of the notable partners who have believed in what Kitawa is doing.

‘The Mingle’ is free and open to entrepreneurs at all stages.

You will not only get to share your ideas with others in attendance but also collectively work to solve problems you experience as an entrepreneur. ‘The Mingle’ has a written goal to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve sustainability, realize profitability and transition to think globally. Size of business is not a limiting factor.

When and where is The Mingle?

January edition of ‘The Mingle’ will be on the 24th, a Wednesday, from 5pm at the Mint Hub on Karuna Close. Mark it on your new calendar!

If you would like to inquire more, reach out to MAMA Ventures. They are on Facebook (MAMA Ventures) and Instagram (@mamaventuresglobal). You can also speak to the manager – Wema Kitawa – on Twitter (@kikiwemo)