Empowering women entrepreneurs

Empowering women entreprenuers in 7 ways

Each day women are joining the business world. Empowering them by giving them enough opportunities, inspiring, training and promoting them is a major boost to their confidence.

There are many ways in which we can all help women to be better in their businesses.

1.The government has been putting an effort by ensuring that there are education opportunities mainly for women and funding their businesses by offering tenders.

2.The banks can help women grow their businesses by reducing their interest rates on loans. This will allow women to borrow money and fund their businesses.

3.Gender specific programs aimed at helping women realize their strength and gain confidence. These kind of programs will capitalize on collaboration and sisterhood among women as well as encourage individual growth.


4.Offering help in research during the early-stage will help build the chances of success. Organizations should therefore offer market research services to women entrepreneurs at a low and affordable cost. The success is almost guaranteed with a market research done before setting up a business.

5.We should help to build the institutional capacities of agencies that are mainly involved in gender equality and women entrepreneurship. Socio-cultural and political barriers for women entrepreneurship should be removed and an enabling environment for business development and gender equality advocated for.

6.Better designed policies and stronger public-private dialogue and targeted measures will help increase women’s access to information, support services for their businesses and finances as well.

7.Chamas are common to most women; they help develop a culture of savings among women. Unity is also developed among women while in this kind of a setup. Occasionally they come up with business ideas and implement them. They should be supported financially and knowledge wise in order to grow.

Women entrepreneurship is half of a countries talent, not empowering them leaves this talents unutilized and therefore sustainable and inclusive economic growth cannot be realized.