Think Business Investment Awards

Entries Invited: Think Business Investment Awards 2017

Think Business Africa has announced the 9th edition of its Think Business Investment Awards which will be held, on 17th November, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi.

Through the awards, Think Business Africa recognizes outstanding companies that have added to growth of the investment sector in Kenya.

The theme for this year’s awards will be ‘Finding Opportunities in Uncertainty‘. This is in acknowledgement of companies, in Kenya, that have continued to stay ahead even in the face of uncertainty. Think Business Investment Awards 2017 will use the following parameters to determine contribution made by nominees:

  • technological innovations
  • adoption of good corporate governance
  • social impact and sustainability
  • investing in stakeholder education
  • great client customer service

Business support services firm, PKF East Africa will oversee the judgement process up to the determination of winners. Think Business Investment Awards 2017 will fete winners in 4 categories:

  1. Capital Markets
  2. Pension Schemes
  3. Collective Investment Schemes
  4. Fund Managers

The winners will be feted at a dinner gala to be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, in Nairobi, as aforementioned. Deadline for submission of entries is 5th October, 2017. Get the Think Business Investment Awards 2017 Entry Form or a Dinner Reservation Form by clicking here.

You can also take a look at the full list of 2016 winners.