Opportunity: Seedstars World competition for Female-led startup

Seedstars world Competition is looking for Female Led startups to get access to training and win up to USD 500,000.

The Gender Equity Track

So far in 2020, only 3% of financial investments have been allocated to female-led startups in Africa (Briter Bridges). It’s time to change that narrative. Seedstars, the Swiss investment holding group, is dedicated to empowering more female-led startups by launching “The Gender Equity Project”. 

As a woman entrepreneur, you can benefit from this project by getting access to entrepreneurial training, a global network of peers, mentors and experts, as well as potentially receive investment for your startup with the Seedstars World Competition, happening fully online no matter where you are.

Apply by 6th November. https://genderequity.seedstars.com/