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Discover this new way of marketing your business of offering services

The service industry is one of the high growth sectors you should be taking note of if you want to be an entrepreneur in Kenya. Women have noticed this. Many of the women-owned businesses, in Kenya, are in this sector.

They will tell you that this industry is great with its personal touch in delivering to each customer. But there is also the challenge of retaining customers and scaling operations. Unlike your retail business which is open for anyone to come in and buy stuff, those offering services are only interested in a particular customer. A hairdresser who deals with dreadlocks is limited to clients looking to spruce up their locks.

So, is there a shortcut for building your client base if you are in the business of offering services? Can you market your services cheaply to preserve your sweet profit margin? All this is possible thanks to an innovative tech solution called FiveSok.

What is FiveSok?

FiveSok connects your services to those who are in need of them. It is an online market that enables you to sell literally any type of service for between sh.500 and sh.5000. You can be anywhere in Kenya. Have a look at some of the services I was able to see from a quick scroll:

  • Accountant
  • T-shirt printing
  • Web development
  • Tattoo artists
  • Photographer
  • Social media management

I know you’re thinking you may not receive your money; or if you are a buyer, you think will be conned. FiveSok has control measures ensuring everyone leaves satisfied. And importantly, you the service entrepreneur get a good rating and referrals for future jobs.

How does FiveSok protect the buyer’s money and ensures you get it upon completion of the job? Payment for the job is withheld by FiveSok until service is delivered. The buyer has to confirm that he or she is satisfied. Between you getting the job and you receiving your payment, you get to update the buyer on how things are going.

How do I join FiveSok today?

FiveSok is impressive, isn’t it? To join you only need to visit their website and register. That’s it! Registration is hassle free. Do you still use word of mouth when there is the Internet? You let me down, welcome to the future.