Flora Mutahi announced new chair of Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Flora Mutahi is the new chairperson of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers’ Board of Directors. She becomes the first woman to head the organization since it was formed in 1959.

A major coup has been scored by women in Kenya in their continued push for greater representation in boards and legislative chambers. The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has announced that a woman will head the organization for the very first time.

This organization not only brings together more than 1000 value adding entrepreneurs but it also contributes up to 25% of Kenya’s GDP. Flora Mutahi will head it and she has already expressed her commitment to be part of the private sector’s efforts to realize Kenya’s Vision 2030.

“As I step into this position I will continue to drive Kenya’s vision of becoming a middle income country by 2030. We shall focus on KAM playing a prominent role in opening up intra-African trade, nurturing the promise and potential of our SMEs; leveraging counties as the champions of economic growth for Kenyans and promoting the ease of doing business.”

KAM Chairlady, Ms. Flora Mutahi with Outgoing Chair, Mr. Pradeep Paunrana 2-1-640x426

Speaking on the day of her appointment as KAM chairperson, Mutahi continued, “My leadership shall focus on three key tenets; Engage- continued engagement of key stakeholders. Entrench- laying the ground work for stronger policies to guide the growth of industry and Expanding linkages and market opportunities to grow our export markets especially for SMEs.”

Flora Mutahi is the founder and CEO of Melvin Marsh International. You probably know of the company’s Melvins brand products, like tea blends. Her appointment is a win for women in Kenya as well. We have previously highlighted the challenges faced by Kenyan women entrepreneurs; solutions to go with. One of these was lack of role models thus Mutahi’s ascent can be inspirational.

She takes over from Pradeep Paunrana, CEO of ARM Cements, to serve a 2-year term as chair of KAM. Flora Mutahi also mentioned taxation and licensing of businesses as areas of engaging Government during her reign.