Get amazing deals from Kenya’s latest e-commerce platform Bidpesa

Bidpesa is Kenya’s latest e-commerce platform where you place Bids for any product or service and have the offer held on a smart contract and offered to the market.  Bidpesa was launched last year, with an aim to give Kenyans a chance to bid for products and services for prices up to 95% less than their retail value and the bids are as low as Ksh 1.

The products range from electronics, shopping vouchers, holiday packages , entertainment among others.

How it works

The bids are used to purchase products in an auction styled market place. Customers place bids on an ited with each bid raising up by Ksh 1. when the auction window closes, the last bidder gets the product.

By the time the clock gets to zero, the last bidder will get the item at the price they bidded  or choose to sell back the product to Bidpesa at 20% less cash.

The unsuccessful bidders who still wish to acquire the item, can top upthe balance and purchase the item at retail price

Getting started

  1. You can use either your  email address or Facebook account to register for an account The process is quick and so it will before you start bidding.
  2. Purchase the bid package that suits you most.  Upon registration, uou are given 5 free ‘bids’. Each ‘bid’ costs Ksh. 10 but has a value of Ksh. 1 at the auction. If you run out of bids, there is the option of purchasing some more via M-Pesa paybill number 748604. The account number is bidpesa.
  3. Choose the item you would like to bid on
  4. Start bidding by clicking on the ‘Bid Now’ button. The price of every item starts at zero. Every time you place a bid, one bid gets deducted from your account and the item’s price increases by one shilling
  5. If you’re the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, you’ve won the auction!
  6. You’re almost done! All you still have to do is proceed to the checkout page

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