5 Ways to Get Noticed at Work

How do I get noticed at work?

Many women will admit that there comes a time in their career where they wanted things to go their way like that promotion, that transfer to the head office, that international trip with the management but it always seems to be happening to other women in the office. What could be the problem?

How do you get chosen to head a project? How do I get my colleagues and my boss notice my work?

Let me share with you 5 tips that will help you move from average to extra ordinary at your work place.

a) Drop the 8 -5pm attitude

Are you the type of employee that gets to work at 8 sharp, go for tea break at 10am, break for lunch for an hour and leave at 5pm sharp?  Employers will easily point out the employees who work for the sake of working . How about you get to work a little bit early, skip the tea break, take minimum time to have lunch, take on extra, challenging assignments? You can carry work home and ensure that by morning, you have accomplish more than what was expected of you. The boss will notice, and so will you colleagues.

b)  Volunteer to train interns

A candle does not stop burning while lighting another. Most employees shy away from training interns as it takes too much of their time.  When  you train a new person on how things work in your work place , it not only helps the intern, but also leaves you with more practice. The questions from the interns will challenge you to know more about your job . when you do it well, the intern will vouch for you and guess what, your boss will notice.

c) Training and seminars

Many companies train their employees on different things like customer service , first aid, safety in the work place, sales management among others. Not all employees  get to attend all these seminars. When you attend a seminar or a training, how about doing a summary of the training and sharing with colleagues who could not attend . Ensure you copy your boss . This not only shows that you were paying attention during the trainings, but it also shows that you are concerned about your colleagues . Who cares if they brand you Miss Know it all?

d) let the web work for you

Are you  always on twitter and facebook checking what your colleagues are up to? How about you spare some minutes and google you Company, your boss or the directors. See if there are any articles, blogs, reports they are mentioned in and be the first to let them know . If you work in a hotel, check TripAdviser and see what guests say about your hotel? Share with the PR department, your colleagues and copy your boss. Who knows, there might be an opening in the communications department . Be Pro-active.

e) Drop the lazy colleagues.

Are you always in the company of colleagues who complain about the job, the pay, the bossy bosses, but they will never quit? Always gossiping during lunch breaks? Its time you dropped them if you want to stand out and get noticed. Ba attitude rubs off and you will soon start whining about the only job that you have. How about you start hanging out with colleagues that love their jobs, even if their pay is higher than yours. Be curious. Ask them to tell you more of what they do. Can you spare a Saturday afternoon and learn what they do? Yes you can. Incase of an opening, guess who they will recommend?  You .


Learn to do more at your work place and you will soon enjoy what you do, as your efforts will be recognized . Be the employee who everyone wants to work with.