Social media marketing

Getting the most out of social media marketing

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important in Kenya. Even small businesses are involved but they are not going beyond selling their products. How can they optimize this tool?

Not just in Kenya, social media is “the new word of mouth” the world over. Individuals are using this platform to communicate, shape perspective and build communities. It is no surprise then that entrepreneurs are seeking out customers there. Afterall, social media marketing is a low cost platform for highlighting your brand and your product.

This country is actually a leader when it comes to social media in Africa. How do you think Kenya always “wins” online bouts against external forces? Over 50% of Kenyans are accessing the internet. We are doing all sorts of things online. Businesses have noticed this and look to lure us to the messages of their respective brands and products. Your business should not be left out.

While big businesses are getting plaudits for their social media marketing strategies, small businesses are not close to acing it. You should be commended if you are already selling your products or services online. But you must look beyond spamming users with “buy this” messages. Unless you’re satisfied with where you stand, you want to be an entrepreneur who thinks beyond revenues minus costs.


Social media offers you a chance to tap into mass marketing. First, you must ensure your business is infact suited for mass marketing. That is when you delve into social media marketing.

Find a platform that best connects you to your target audience. If you to do it kienyeji and wake up one morning to open a page then pay for ads, it means you’re showing poor management skills. It means you ventured into it without defined goals thus you won’t properly track how successful (or not) your thing is going.

You may worry that you’re a newbie into this “like” and “retweet” way of doing things. That should not cause you sleepless nights. There are other entrepreneurs, like you, who are offering social media marketing and management services. Seek them out and let them put you out there.

But then, if you’re a novice how would you know whether the social media manager is succeeding or failing? You’re expectation should be engagement with your fans (prospective and active customers). Because this avenue provides for immediate feedback from your customers, you want to use it to build a relationship with them.