Gift a girl a pack of pads this Christmas!

For a long time, our platform has always been supporting girls and women with resources to help them grow their businesses, live to their potential and grow into confident young women.

So this Christmas season, we want to help more girls to stay in school, complete there education and grow up with confidence .

Did you know that  over 800,000 girls in Kenya miss classes up to four days  a month during their periods as they cannot afford sanitary pads. This situation is compounded because they also lack undergarments and information on reproductive health.

Statistics show that over 2.5 million schoolgirls coming from poor backgrounds cannot afford to buy commercial sanitary pads. This can be attributed to the high unemployment rate in Kenya, which currently stands at 40% with about 45.9% of the population living below the poverty line. An average packet containing 8 pads, which costs approximately US$1, is therefore significantly more than the daily income of many poor Kenyan parents.

So how can you help?


Between now and 15th of December, you can purchase a pack of Always Sanitary pads from any supermarket. For every packet that you buy, P&G will match up and donate to a needy girl.

It is that simple. You can buy as many packs as possible depending on what you can afford.  Ask your friends to do the same, and follow the hashtag #Always4theGirl



During the launch of this campaign,  Mrs  Irene Mwathi-Miheso Communications Manager P&G said ‘ When we think of the reasons that keep girls from going to school, from thriving, sanitary towels should not be one of them. We have seen over the years that the intervention of providing sanitary towels coupled with puberty education goes a long way in increasing the girls’ confidence level”

So let’s join in this noble initiative and support as many girls as possible. Remember, the shops to get them from any supermarket. Do not forget to post us a picture on social media with the tag #Always4TheGirl

Always Keeping Girls in School Program

The Always Keeping Girls in School Program which began more than 10 years ago distributes for free sanitary towels to girls from underprivileged areas, and also focuses on educating these young girls about health issues, building their self-confidence and teaching them how to budget and save.

Through the campaign, P&G aims to establish strategic partnerships with customers and government stakeholders to increase participation in closing the gaps in the provision of sanitary pads for girls in under-privileged areas in Kenya.

In collaboration with the Government and other partners, P&G has been able to distribute over 8 million sanitary pads to more than 100,000 girls across Kenya.