Where to go to for affordable medical plan

The other day in the papers, a legislator suggested that health should be privatized to give Kenyans better service. You know what this means, right? Healthcare will be about profits first than giving services to Kenyans, and like that is not enough, many Kenyans will be locked out when it comes to accessing affordable healthcare.

In recent studies by the World bank, it was reported that over 17 million Kenyans survive on less than Ksh 92 a day. That’s 40% of our population. When you live in abstract poverty, there are very few things that you cannot afford. Getting sick is one of them.

So what alternatives do Kenyans have or what options should they look out for?

If you are employed, the first thing you need to do is to pay for NHIF. If you are ever admitted, the fund comes through to pay your bed cost. It may lock you out of other services like surgery and that is why we suggest you get it, as it will get handy.


How many covers do you know that can cover dependents? If you have a job, most likely your employer will get a cover that can only cater to you. What happens when one of your children get sick? How big is their cover?

When I came across Minet Teachers Medical scheme, I was shocked to learn that they can even take your children to India for medical treatment. Check this video out and be the judge.

Reproductive health

Many women will admit that most medical schemes do not go anywhere near reproductive health. First, you have to be with a plan for a whole year, before they cover maternity. Most schemes will also have a limit on how much you can use for services like the C section during delivery, therefore limiting the number of places you can actually give birth at.

Now, imagine my shock when I learned that Minet Teachers Sacco actually take the step forward and help with other processes like IVF for women who find it hard to conceive? Check this video to learn more.

Existing conditions

Did you know that many schemes do not treat existing conditions? If you fall sick today, and you find out it is diabetes, some plans will want to know if you already had the disease before you got on their plan. Some will cover some costs and some will not.

However, once you sign up with Minet, you are fully covered for everything and anything.

Isn’t that a scheme we all want to be on?

However, the sheme for now is just for Teachers under the Teachers Service Commission. I wrote this article so it can get to every of your relatives who is a teacher or training to be one.