Google Hash Code 2018

Google Hash Code 2018 programming competition

Google Hash Code 2018 will be the fifth edition of the programming competition, by Google. Participants pick a team to solve a problem.

Hash Code started in 2014 with only 200 participants but grew to have over 26,000 in last year’s edition. Google Hash Code 2018 is open to students and professionals from Africa, Middle East and Europe. Competition is in small teams of 2 to 4 members, modelled after how Google engineers work.

Round One

Teams will compete from wherever they are as only a computer connected to the internet will be needed. Google will announce the problem via YouTube Live Stream.


The Judge System will be available as a web application. Participants will be free to use tools and programming languages of their choice, with regards to PC setup.

Round Two

The top teams from Google Hash Code 2017 round one will be invited to Google’s Europe HQ, in Dublin. Here, a second challenge will be presented and winning teams will receive Google Prizes.

Participants will arrange for their own travel and accommodation but Google has opened doors to apply for a grant, of between sh.12,600 and sh. 63,000, to offset costs. The grant will be received after the final round takes place.

Deadline for application is 26th February, 2018. You can read this article before starting your registration for Google Hash Code 2018.