Micro and Small Enterprises Authority

Have you ever heard about the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority?

Are you running a small enterprise in agribusiness, manufacturing or the service industry? And have you ever heard about the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA)?

The Micro and Small Enterprise Authority and is a state corporation established under the Micro and Small Enterprise Act No. 55 of 2012. The Act was developed through a stakeholder’s consultation process which took several years. The Authority is now domiciled in the Ministry of Industry,Trade and Co-operatives

Their mission is to promote the development of competitive and sustainable Micro and Small Enterprises as well as create globally competitive businesses.

The Authority aims to:

  • Create conducive working environment for MSEs
  • Enhance MSEs access to markets
  • Enhance entrepreneurial and technical skills the MSE sector
  • Develop and promote gender participation and inclusion of Vulnerable groups
  • Establish and implement legal, regulatory and operational mechanisms for the MSE sector
  • Enhance coordination of sector players and facilitate integration of programmes and activities relating to MSEs
  • Establish proper management and mobilization of financial resources
  • Embrace Information Communication Technology in all sectors of the Authority
  • Attract, develop and retain competent staff and
  • Enhance corporate image
  • The Authority recognizes the Government efforts on industrialization, job creation and particularly through Micro and small enterprise development in the following areas.

Growth and Development

  • Create one million new jobs
  • Create reliable energy infrastructure by extending the National grid network and promoting renewable energy
  • Implement  Buy Kenyan Policy for both Government and Parastatals where Kenyan goods and services are accorded first priority
  • Poverty eradication


  • Make Kenya the continents manufacturing and technology hub
  • Make Kenya the preferred gateway to Africa for foreign investors and home to a thriving army of local entrepreneurs
  • Help to unleash the business potential of all Kenyans

If you are in the above sectors, contact them and see how your businesses can be supported.