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Here’s how easy it is to file your annual returns in Kenya

Having your business up and running is an awesome feeling. Having it run smoothly is the best feeling. It would be really ugly for you to have it so easy, only to be met with statutory obligations in form of fines and penalties for not complying to certain laws that exist. So why mess it up for yourself?

Don’t burst your own bubble File your annual returns!
Annual returns comprises of your company’s annual financial statements and are required to be filed at the end of every financial year. Failure to do so leads to the company being fined a sum you really don’t want to hear about. And it’s almost free to file one so why would you want it to cost you more for failing to follow the rules?

Where do I file?
Annual returns are filed at the Registrar’s office. This is by filing a CR 16 upon payment of the requisite fee. It might however take time before you are fully cleared so why don’t you let us do it for you?

I file the Annual return and that’s it?
Nope! There is a list of other things that you need to be compliant with and notify the Registrar of Companies annually. They are however subject to those events actually occurring and you can find them here. Finally, you should also comply with any requirement for licenses or permits from other authorities such as the county government. Not forgetting the tax man, give unto Caesar.

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