Here’s the perfect gift to give that will last a lifetime

Merry Christmas! Who said Mondays are bad? One of the things on your mind with the holiday officially here is the perfect gift to give. That’s what we hope.

As sentimental as a gift may be, deep down I know you want to stand out. You want to be that person who gives great gifts. This just proves that, as an entrepreneur, you take most things to be transactional in nature.

So, how about you give something that will stand out? Be a mentor for other young girls, today and for the rest of 2018. We have done a few articles on mentorship, check these out to refresh your memory:



But we have not had a look at the benefits YOU wlll get from giving the gift of mentorship. It’s your precious time afterall, no?


The biggest benefit you’ll draw is fulfillment. It’s not quantifiable but it’s a big motivator on why we do anything at all. There is a satisfaction you’ll get in seeing the result of uplifting another person. Do you believe in Heaven? You’ll probably go to Heaven to.

Mad skills

Now to the concrete gains.

Arguably, the biggest thing mentors get from their work is the improvement of their communication skills. This means not only how you convey your messages but also your listening skills. Understanding the nuances in communication is important if you want to develop your own cult-of-personality (or brand) and if you want to go into every negotiating table with the psyops advantage (manipulating people, haha). You can’t learn this from any textbook.

Close to the above is the development of your people-management skills. Pressure is always put on mentees on how to tippy toe around mentors. But, as a mentor, you also have a responsibility to work well with others. The skills you develop will be invaluable in managing your team to accomplish business objectives. There are many types of employees and you must manage them differently.


At the end of it all, every mentee remembers the work done by their mentor. This is a low-effort way for you to expand your networks (yes, students do beat the teachers sometimes). You will also gain recognition for your abilities as they give credit for what you did. This will open new opportunities for in your life as an entrepreneur.

Will you mentor someone this coming year? How will you go about it? Please share with us.