#HERsler: Brenda Mongina, online brand marketer

What are young women in Kenya really up to? This entire week they have been telling you the money moves they are making to find their way in this World.

Here is what Brenda has to say:

Hi, tell everyone who Brenda is

Hi, my name is Brenda Mongina, but everyone knows me as Bree Mongina. 24 years old, working at sendyit.com marketing department and a full time student at Daystar University.

What is your life slogan?

A job is a job, A school is a school, as long as you got your stuff together that’s all that matters. Gratitude is a major key in life.

How are you changing the world, Bree?

I preach at my local church at home, used to sing praise and worship too. Right now I work as an online content ambassador for various brands through this I get to learn and engage with clients from the brand I work for and through that I get to reach out to them in a way they understand best. I love sharing God’s word as well.

Why did you choose this line of work?

I’m shy in person, so through online engagement I get to express myself ‘hide my face’ behind the keyboard as they call it. I love talking to people, hearing what they have to say. I can say that I did not choose it but rather It chose me.

What has been your experience so far?

Its different everyday. I learn something new, grow and meet new people but was bullied once online and it made me shy off from social media.

Where do you see yourself when you hit the big 3-0?

I went back to school to take Communication and would love to be a Public Relations Consultant one day, and maybe open my own shoe line.

What will you need to get there?

Networking, hard work, yoooooh!!! God’s will, he decides at the end of the day on what fits right. But network would do best other than friendships.

Let’s conclude with some Peer Counseling! Say something, anything, to other young Kenyans


If you are looking for a job, ASK! Want to learn graphics, ASK! There is nothing wrong or weird about it. Knowledge will take you places because with it you have all the power you need.


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