Cici Karasha

#HERsler: Cici Karasha, owner of interior design company New Space

What are young women in Kenya really up to? This entire week they will be telling you the money moves they are making to find their way in this World.

Cici Karasha is the brain behind New Space, an interior design company that has rolled out the coolest throw pillows as its first line of products.

Hi, tell everyone who Cici is

I am Cici Karasha, 25 years old. I am in training to be a certified interior designer. I also like photography and I take pictures at my free time. I am the owner of New Space which is an interior design company, focusing on throw pillows as of now but looking to expand.

What is your life slogan?

My dad always taught my brother and I never to get to a point in life where you say i wish i knew. So i always take risks in life and do what makes me happy.

How are you changing the world, Cici?

Bringing my own ideas and products into the Kenyan interior design industry one product at a time.

Why did you choose this line of work?

I have a passion in interior design and I want to bring my own unique ideas to the field. And make some products locally available which usually will not be available. And I chose it as a channel to express myself creatively.

What has been your experience so far?

My experience has been both good and bad. The bad experiences have been a good lesson though, one knows what to improve on and be better. The good experiences have given me the morale and encouragement to keep going.

Where do you see yourself when you hit the big 3-0?

I see myself to have made a mark as an interior designer and creative and my company to have grown and be a household brand.

What will you need to get there?

More assistance in terms of workforce i.e employees

Wanna gift yourself some throw pillows for the holidays? Of course you do! Reach out to New Space through Facebook (New Space Kenya) and Instagram (@new_spaceke)

Let’s conclude with some Peer Counselling! Say something, anything, to other young Kenyans

Start. Start from where you are, do not sit and wait for things to be okay or favourable per say. And also do not quit employment if you do not have a solid plan for your entrepreneur journey. And the journey is hard and you will want to give up but remind yourself why you are doing it and keep moving.


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