#HERsler: Grace Murema, a special effects make-up artist

What are young women in Kenya really up to? This entire week they will be telling you the money moves they are making to find their way in this World.

Our fourth feature this week is Grace Murema, a special effects make-up artist (sfx) trained in South Africa.


Hi, tell everyone who Grace is

Grace Murema is a 26 year old special effects make-up artist looking to break through the sfx (special effects) industry in kenya.

What is your life slogan?

Believe in yourself, even when no one else does.

How are you changing the world, Grace?

I’m one of the few special effects make up artist in kenya, I want to change the game and teach as many people as possible and start my own product line for sfx that will be a first in Africa .

Why did you choose this line of work?

My line of work allows my creativity to run wild. I get to create various effects without any limitations.

What has been your experience so far?

The Special effects industry is still not understood in kenya but I have made it my mission to make more people aware and understand it more. There’s also the issue of product availability locally which may also be a reason why there’s less sfx artists in kenya.

Where do you see yourself when you hit the big 3-0?

My plan is to open a special effects school in kenya. I was fortunate enough to go study this craft in South Africa but I feel like one shouldn’t have to go through the expense of flying out of the country to study this course when it can be available locally. I will not be mean with my knowledge all in the name of not wanting this industry to be crowded. If someone has the passion for it then go do it. I would also want to start my own product line for the sfx industry.

What will you need to get there?

First I need to get over my fear of failure and self doubt. It really cripples me from achieving my goals. The second thing would be the support from locals. How many people will actually sign up to learn this craft?

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