HF Whizz: A new way of banking

The world is changing and we have to change with it. More and more people are getting connected and buying convenience when it comes to their lifestyles and especially how they live with their money.  There are a handful of digital solutions offered by financial institutions, and consumers find themselves having three or four applications to handle all their financial needs. Not HF Whizz

Whizz is the new kid on the block that will give you a new experience. Its a one stop shop for all your needs, and with this App, you will not need to move from app to app to get the financial services you need.

The HF Whizz app will change how you interact with your money. With this App, you will be able to receive money, store money, invest, borrow and make payments

Account opening

Have you ever opened a bank account in a less than two minutes? I downloaded the HF Whizz app and all i had to do is key in my ID number. In a minute, i had an account number to my name. No paper work. No long lines at the bank to open an account.  You will experience the simplest and fastest account opening you have ever come across..

Bills and purchases

The HF Whizz app is easy to use and anyone who has a smart phone will hack in in a minute. It comes with build it paybill numbers for the bills you pay frequently. The days of copy pasting paybill numbers and till numbers are long gone.

My monthly bills of course, are water, electricity, internet and pay tv. All these are installed and all i have to do is make these payments straight from the App. How great is that!



Once you get an account, your credit information is shared with the HF team. How you have been transacting on other mobile money platforms like Mpesa will assist the team to know if you are credit worthy.  As much as they are a lending platform too, They just don’t disburse loans every two minutes. If you have other loans, low credit score or listed with CRB, you might have a challenging accessing the loans.

However, the good news is the more you transact on the app, depositing money, making payments through the app and saving, the more your credit score goes up.

The most you can get now is Ksh 10,000, but the more you transact, the more eligible you will be for more loans.


Budget tracking

There is an exciting feature that i loved on this app. Have you ever received money and at the end of the day, you have no idea where it went to? Well, this is so me. I sometimes write down my expenses, but rarely stick to it. The HF Whizz app has a feature that tracks your budget and expenses. At the end of the month, you can see where your money went to. Is it entertainment, rent, travel, sending money home?

With this information, you are able to plan your financial life better. You can save and invest, or even cut back on some of the expenses that don’t really build you.

For me, this was a winner feature, as it will help me make sober decisions when it comes to how i spend.

With the digital fraud happening, no need to worry. Your money and information will be safe. HF Whizz has multiple built-in security layers including and advanced account authentication feature to ensure secure transactions.

So, download the Whizz app, key in your ID number  and start transacting. What’s even better, you can transact upto 200,000 in a day. If this is not the greatest news for small businesses, i don’t know what is!