Hivos Collaboration Grants

Hivos Collaboration Grants for coworking spaces in Africa

Coworking spaces in Africa are invited to apply for the Hivos Collaboration Grants.

In October, Hivos held its third coworking summit. The summit is a forum for creative hubs, coworking spaces, hacker, maker and art spaces to mingle and share experiences. Hivos is an institution leading in driving innovation for social change.

One of the resolves of the summit was to dish out grants to these spaces to facilitate their efforts further. The Hivos Collaboration Grants is worth a total of sh.7 million (€60,000) and comes in two types.

Knowledge Exchange Grants: this will be given to applicants who want to benefit from each other’s experience (for example, A visits B to learn about financial sustainability model) – the grant is between sh.123,000 and sh.615,000 (€1,000 to €5,000).

Collaborative Projects Grants: this will be given to applicants who wish to do joint projects with other coworking spaces (for example, A and B organize an exhibition) – the grant is between sh.1,230,000 and sh.2,460,000 (€10,000 to €50,000)

Applications for the Hivos Collaboration Grants will be assessed based on the following criteria: Relevance of the project to the local context, Interdisciplinary of the collaboration (for example, an unusual alliance between an art space and ICT hub etc.)

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Preference will be given to applicants from spaces outside capital cities, female applicants and those belonging to minority groups, candidates who have not received a Hivos grant before.

  • Must be citizen of the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda or Kenya
  • Applicants of Knowledge Exchange Grant must include letter of agreement of host space and fee for services/time at host space (can be single or group application)
  • Applicants of Collaborative Projects Grant must have initiated project prior to application. This should be submitted in the form of a joint proposal by the lead space appointed to represent the rest
  • Applications are accepted in Arabic, French, and English
  • The grant proposals must be no longer than 3 pages with the following sections: collaboration details, type of grant, step-by-step proposed activities, budget proposal, signature of founders in case of collaborative projects

Successful applicants will be required to submit a final narrative and financial report after the completion of their visit. This is used to measure the outcomes of the visit and the overall benefit of the mobility grant.

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The report, which will be flexible in format (a formal report, a series of articles or blog posts, a video), should at least include the following information:

  • Details of the spaces involved
  • Objectives set out at the beginning
  • Details about the activities undertaken with the grant
  • Outcomes at the end of exchange/collaboration
  • Plans for continuation of collaboration with other spaces
  • Financial report in line with Hivos requirements (to be shared after grant approval)

The deadline for submissions is, Sunday, 10th December 2017. Applicants must ensure that their grant proposals are in word or pdf format and that they are sent by email to

Visit the Hivos Collaboration Grants Official Website to learn more