How to be a mom entrepreneur

Being a mom is hard. Being a mom entrepreneur is even harder. Nonetheless, it’s possible to balance the two. It’s also possible to transfer the skills of motherhood into entrepreneurship.

One of the challenges women face as entrepreneurs is accommodating it as mothers. For some it’s inconceivable to become a mom entrepreneur. A mother invests so much of effort into bringing up a child that it becomes difficult to see room for the rigours of entrepreneurship.

Yet it happens. There are women juggling successful businesses and children. How do they do it? It is hard, as most things in life, but that should not dishearten you. You will be surprised to find that being a mom will equip you better for key aspects of entrepreneurship.

The first skill you will build on is that presupposed women’s superpower; multitasking. You have to handle the many and complex needs of your child. Surprise! Surprise! (or not) You pull it off. Your child is happy and healthy. In business you will also need to keep all the gears running and in tune with each other to achieve your overall goals. Luckily, you already know how to prioritize, eliminate and compromise.

You have also acquired off the charts abilities in management, problem-solving and fiscal responsibility. Your business is in the best hands. This is the destination of a mom entrepreneur. How does the journey look like? You will need to balance well motherhood and business.

The most important thing is to be flexible and practical with your schedule. First of all accept that your two projects will have to do with less than 100% attention. The key is a suitable schedule from good time management. Spare time for the kid(s). Pick time to shut down from work and give your attention to the child. Take this time to hear about each other’s experiences and needs; old-fashioned family time.

You will also need to build up a support network. It doesn’t have to include a whole lot of unavailable people. It could be a spouse or your close girlfriends. It could be both. Include your children into this network as well. They could give their hands here and there; with work or keeping home in shape. This network will help you cope with challenges that arise.

Finally, research and learn from other mom entrepreneurs. Learn how they adapt to their circumstances or those that mirror yours. Take the opportunity to network with them and smoothen the rough edges on how you handle it.