How to look good on a budget

When you are starting up, every shilling counts. Slowly but surely, you begin to be strict with how you spend your money. This lifestyle change for every woman entrepreneur is usually the hardest. When your squad wants to hang out every other weekend, you will need to discipline yourself and learn to say no. Instead of blowing money on designer brands you will settle for generic brands or better yet, go thrift shopping. Seems hard, right? It certainly is but a constant reminder of why you decided to become an entrepreneur will keep you grounded.

Now then, how do you intend to look good on a budget?

1.Do away with trends

Photo: Vera Sidika Official Facebook Page

If you tend to keep up with the Joneses while starting up, you will lose focus of your business goal. Instead of having money that runs the business, you will always want to spend that money on the latest fashion trend. The sad bit is that trends come and go, but that money you spent only goes. You won’t get it back ever again.

2.Stick to the basics

Clothing is a basic human need. You don’t need to go overboard when you cannot even afford it. Buy items that can be worn with something else, more than once and yet still look amazing every single time. Some basic clothing items include good pairs of fitting jeans, blouses or vest tops, etc.

3.Repair shoes and clothes


When is the last time you visited your cobbler or tailor for a repair? Stop fantasizing about new things when you can have your old things fixed, and they will be as good as new.

4.Buy timeless pieces

Photo: classy handbag

When you can, invest in some clothing items that will be with you for the long haul like a trench coat, black blazer, proper handbag and a pair of leather boots. These are things that aren’t cheap but the buys are worth it.

5.Normal mani-pedi is okay


If you cannot groom your nails by yourself, then by all means go and get them professionally done. Please note that you don’t need to get a gel manicure, have tips added or get a chocolate pedicure. A normal mani-pedi would do just fine because it is important to look clean.

6.Use less makeup

Rule of thumb: Less is more. Unless you are going for a function that requires your face to be thoroughly beat, please refrain from using a lot of makeup. You can choose to be subtle about makeup application by highlighting some features and have the others neutral. For instance, if you wear a red lip, make your eyes light and vice versa. Stop caking yourself every other day.