Work from home

How you can work from home

When you work from home you enjoy great flexibility and even save money, on office space costs, as a budding entrepreneur. Even with these benefits, working from home requires you be organized.

With the progress in technology you have to wonder why you have to endure the daily commute just to go and sit infront of a computer. Entrepreneurs have also started thinking along these lines and are coming to the conclusion that maybe renting an office-space is not worth it.

It sounds great, no? You can finally put your bursts of energy to good use and not have to put up with small talk about traffic every morning. But like most things, it’s a case of the grass appearing greener. The expectations of working from home never really pan out and this can have detrimental effects for your business.

What makes many entrepreneurs (and employees) who work from home fail to leave to expectation (fail)? It turns out that most of us are lazy and need the “jerk bosses” to watch over us. Working from home is usually characterized by lack of motivation and working during ungodly hours.


To make it work (from home) you simply have to structure your day. Yes, like someone who commutes 5 days a week. Doing this allows you to be more productive by subtly influencing your mentality.

Your mornings, as a work from home entrepreneur, should start with you grooming up. You know this always makes you feel fresher no matter the time you wake up. The second part of structuring your day is scheduling your time of work. No more episodes of bursts of energy unfortunately. You should build a habit of working through longer periods of time; because work is supposed to be hard and not fun.

Finally, you should overcome the great challenge of staying focused. With nobody to watch over you, it is easy to get distracted. Overcome this by designating a work space in the house and building up the discipline of concentrating on work until you see it through.