How your personality changes when you start a business

For better or worse, it is assured that entrepreneurship will change you. Your personality will begin to change from the way you act, think, to the extent of how you live your life. You may have already started experiencing some of these personality changes and if not, they will come.

Have you started wondering how you managed your 9-to-5 job? That work life you previously held somehow seems distant to you because of your current business. This change happens to the best of us. Even to those who enjoyed their 9-to-5 jobs. That there is personal freedom and it feels good once you have tasted it.

You will become more supportive of people and their passions. The same way someone was supportive of you, you will pay it forward by seeing the potential in them. You will start to notice things like strengths and weaknesses in other people that you would not have noticed before.


Your brain is constantly at work; all the time all day. You think and brainstorm nonstop. You also want to keep learning new things and skills. You will invest time in people who will mentor you in your business and you suddenly have time to read more than you ever did before.

With time starting a business makes you comfortable around people, especially if you have to deal with people in your line of business. Suddenly, you do not mind meeting new people and building new connections because you now know the importance of having a good network. The pressure of speaking in public becomes less because of the constant interaction with people.


Saying no becomes easier. Trust me. When you do not want to do something, you are not afraid to say no. Things will be less intimidating to you before you became an entrepreneur. You also make decisions with ease because in business you will make quite the number of decisions in your lifetime.

When you create something and it turns to be a success, you feel good about it. Oddly enough, even when it turns out to be a complete failure you still feel good about it. That is the feeling of accomplishment. You put your mind into something and whether it succeeded or flopped, you feel good that you actually were able to do something.

If you have never demanded more for yourself, rest easy, you will soon. You will start dreaming bigger and you will escalate that to people around you by demanding more for them.

These are just a few ways your personality changes when starting a business. I love how starting a business continues to change me. My days may seem shorter but they have more fulfilling. I look forward to the coming years to see what other changes will come of it.