Business Breakfast
Photo: The Hub East Africa

The Hub East Africa’s Business Breakfast

Register to attend The Hub East Africa’s Business Breakfast to get the chance to network with business and thought leaders.

As an entrepreneur at a regular network event you only get a few minutes to introduce yourself and your business and then it is on to the next connection.

There is no time to exchange ideas and more advanced business and thought leaders do not come to the events where you go to. Meaningful connections are not easy to encounter.

For this vacuum in your life, a monthly Business Breakfast was created. Sit with 19 other entrepreneurs and exchange experiences and ideas; in the presence of 3 experienced business and thought leaders. Taking your time over breakfast.

May’s Business Breakfast will be on the 19th from 7.30am to 8.30pm. Registration is sh.500. Attendance is free if you are a, Hub East Africa, community member.

For any questions call 0790 499 022 or mail