Computer skills

Importance of computer technical skills for women entrepreneurs

Success in women entrepreneurship demands the individual to possess some skills, among them technical skills. Technical skills include the ability to use a computer to attain a required output, use of email efficiently either for marketing or relaying information, ability to manage the business website, use of Access and Excel applications among others. Lack of these skills could harm the business especially when it comes to organization and analysis.

Social media may seem like a platform mainly for socializing. Women entrepreneurs, however, need to know how to use social media to sell their ideas and also engage customers. Having a good understanding and ability to use Facebook, Twitter, and others can build the brand of an individual only if used effectively.

Emails can become hectic to deal with especially when you do not understand the settings and tools within it. Without the knowledge of how to use tools such as labeling, filtering ,auto forwarding and responding; time taken for emails could be long and you could also miss important ones if you cannot clear out your inbox while using these tools. There are shortcuts too that are helpful in fast and effective use of the email. Marketing can be done through the use of emails by encouraging customers and potential customers to try a new product or service.

In order to be able to manage your business website, it is important to have some idea of the web languages such as HTML and CSS. Though you might not use them regularly, it makes it easy for you to communicate with those responsible for your website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which help in marketing your dream and vision of the business.

Microsoft Excel allow any entrepreneur remain organized. Finance and accounting are the most reliant on excel sheets to compute and analyze numbers; however Excel skills are also important in product management and marketing too. Pivot tables can be used to generate customer and sales data. It can also be used to summarize expenses and categorize workforce according to pay or by function.

Kenya is invested in IT and the business world is shifting to technology and replacing human work force, having adequate knowledge about relevant technology allows one to be more marketable in their profession .The good thing about technical skills is that they can be acquired by attending classes and practicing them occasionally. Women with these skills are at a better to place to excel in their businesses and practices compared to those who have absolutely no knowledge about technology.