How to come up with business strategy

Infographic: 8 steps to help you set business strategy for 2019

It’s only natural that they new year is the time to establish mega changes in your life. You’re allowed to make a fuss about it. Those of us who do it in random months, in the middle of the year, are missing out on the fun.

You know resolutions are not just about your waist, mental health and discipline to develop better habits. It’s nice to refresh your business, even if you had a sterling 2018. This way you won’t breed complacency in your business. In my opinion, this is the worst thing that can happen. So, I’ll give you one resolution tip: if you’re not feeling it anymore, drop it.

We have more tips! Having a new strategy for your business is more than praying this next year is your year. But it’s easy enough to be broken down into steps that you can replicate for your business. And any other hustle you may have. We have simplified these 8 steps in a diagram. If you follow them, only persistence will stand between you and your goals.

Check it out:

Business strategy

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