Infographic: time management for busy entrepreneurs

Whether you like it or not, there will come a time that having a well-balanced life amidst the magnified series of tasks could be pretty impossible. And there’s no other way but to rely on the power of time management.

It may be hard and challenging at first, but time management is a skill that every entrepreneur needs to develop over time. It is really helpful especially because the bulk of your responsibilities increases as your business grows.

Good thing that there are some recommended practices that you can consider, such as understanding your priorities and delegating (and eliminating if necessary) your tasks. Making good use of technology, like productivity tools, can also help you check all the designated tasks with minimal time and supervision. Moreover, dedicating an allowance for interruptions can aid you in managing client’s expectations, especially if you’re working on tight deadlines.


Having time management in your skill set maintains a good working environment among your colleagues and influences the quality of your business output while still having a dedicated time for your non-work related activities.

Learn more about the ways on how to manage your time well as an entrepreneur through this infographic below.

Time Management

Infographic and article by Tanya Alvarez