Injini EdTech Incubator program

Injini EdTech Incubator program 2019 (grant + equity funding)

The third edition of Injini EdTech Incubator program welcomes Africans running both for-profit and non-profit businesses to receive funding and dedicated support.

Injini is an organization dedicated to supporting developments in technology to improve education in Africa. And that is why Injini has an incubator program for Africans addressing learning challenges through technology. In 2019, non-profit ventures will also be eligible for Injini EdTech Incubator program.

8 startups with innovative and effective projects that can scale fast will be picked. Startups which are in the “pre-product” stage can still apply, as long as they can demonstrate demand and scaling opportunity.

These startups will participate in a 4-month program that will include workshops, mentoring, networking, tech and research support. The program will take place in Cape Town, South Africa. Injini will cover all costs towards the incubator program.

All the selected startups will be eligible for a sh.750,000 ($7,500) grant. They will also compete for, follow-on, equity funding of up to sh.7.5 million ($75,000) per startup.

Deadline for application is 17th March, 2018. Apply Here.