Intel launches the SheWillConnect program with JoyWo

Today, Intel is launching the #SheWillConnect program to empower women through digital literacy

Joywo which stands for Joyful Women is a Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to empower women economically and socially. It  was started in 2009 by Rachel Ruto with about 80 women. Right now, they have about 180,000 women. JoyWo has members in 45 counties and has raised over Ksh 120M. They have at least Ksh 2B revolving among them. Impressive, right?

#SheWillConnect was set up by Intel after the realization that only 1 in 19 women in Africa have access to the Internet.  The program aims to bridge the technology-gender gap.The Intel She Will Connect program aims to reach 5 Million women and girls in Africa by 2020

Ch_kl36W0AA-vJ8Intel has trained 15 JoyWo trainers on Intel She Will Connect digital literacy and equipped them with the Kio Kit powered by BRCK. The women will be armed with 40 tablets which they will use to train at least 5000 Kenyan women in digital literacy by the end of the year. The trainers will carry out face to face training around the country.

Women will be taught how to leverage technology in business, given that a majority of businesses in rural areas are run by women. With 50% of the jobs in the world requiring digital literacy, there is need to train women entrepreneurs how to be competitive not just in Kenya but in the global market.

In attendance were Government officials, among them, the CS for Information and Technology Mr. Mucheru who says ‘We are on the right path in Kenya in the way that we are pushing technology. Bridging the digital divide will transform Kenyan economy to knowledge based economy by 2030’

To find out more, visit Intel She will connect Africa.

pic: Nunnovation