Introducing you to the Kenya Association of Women Business Owners

Buildings networks is a challenge for many women entrepreneurs in Kenya. Many perceive networking as difficult or intimidating. There is a network, though, exclusively reserved for women entrepreneurs; introducing KAWBO.

The Kenya Association of Women Business Owners, otherwise known as KAWBO, offers women an avenue to network. It’s a forum for businesswomen in Kenya to get together and, you know, talk matters entrepreneurship.

KAWBO is chaired by Eva Muraya. She is the CEO of Brand, Strategy and Design (EA) Ltd. The organization was registered in 2008 and offers its members a priceless means to network with other women business owners in Kenya.

Networking is enabled through regular events for business women to meet. Here they share their experiences of being entrepreneurs in Kenya. At the same time, these KAWBO gatherings address the challenges of women entrepreneurs in Kenya while revealing opportunities for the attendees.

The Kenya Association of Women Business Owners also runs mentorship and training programs for its members. Women meet and learn from successful and experienced businesswomen in Kenya. The members of this organization also get to improve on their entrepreneurship skills through workshops and other ways of training.

You want to learn more about them? Check out their official website and come back here for more opportunities you woman entrepreneur you.