business on the side

Juggling between a day job and a biashara on the side

You can still work a day job and have a business on the side. The key is doing it without imploding on one side or on both. Here is how to live a double-faced life like a superhero.

8-5ers get a bad rap. They don’t do themselves favors by celebrating every traffic disruption in Nairobi that will fete them an extra day off. Truth is, though, for many Kenyans running a business on the side while and swiveling on a chair 8-5 is a thing.

The unfortunate thing with this entrepreneurial spirit is that it leaves us enduring underwhelming customer service. This is a symptom of an inability to handle a day job and a biashara on the side.

One thing to get right is the need to have goals. If your goal is to one day quit you’ll have a different way of going about it compared to another who only seeks to supplement income. Goals will also guide you on investing into your business so that you’re able to handle the demands on both sides.

You will need to show commitment to your business and your job. Remember that a business will eat up your time off work. To be able to deal with this workload plan to manage your time. This does not mean getting involved in your business on your employer’s time and resources. It’s not cool at all. It’s one of those things people tend to be proud of but really shouldn’t; like the “wasted” stories.

Another area of commitment will be in preparing yourself for the transition of employee to entrepreneur- if your goal is to one day quit. You don’t prepare yourself by burning bridges; everything in movies is a lie. Take advantage of opportunities to gain experience in your day job like volunteering for stuff. You also want to ensure that your life movie is at the right scene to actually quit your day job. Consider things like pregnancy, university fees, etc that are hovering on the horizon.

Be positive towards your job whether you’ll be quitting or not. It’s only fair as it puts food on the table, pays bills and delivers regular capital as you build your dream. This doesn’t mean you feel guilty for using anyone but just a show of gratitude. Gratitude brings about a good mindset.

Lastly, outsource if you can. Time management will only take you so far. Put someone you trust to oversee key aspects of your business on the side. Your successful business is a win for all of us. It means you quit and open spaces for graduates HA!