Njoki Wamai
Photo: Flickr

Kenyan Njoki Wamai wins 4th Bill Gates Sr Prize

Kenyan Cambridge Scholar, Njoki Wamai has been selected joint winner of the 4th Bill Gates Sr Prize. The prize recognizes contribution of Cambridge University Scholars.

Njoki Wamai shared the 4th Bill Gates Sr Award, with Rebekah Scheuerle, in recognition of her outstanding social leadership.

The Bill Gates Sr Prize was established by the Gates Cambridge Trustees in June 2012 in recognition of Bill Gates Sr’s role in establishing the Gates Cambridge Scholarships, over a decade of service as a Trustee, and his engagement with, and inspiration to, many generations of Gates Cambridge Scholars.

Scholars were asked to nominate a fellow Scholar for the prize by completing a 500-word statement vouching for their preferred Scholar. Selection was then based on how well the nominees met the selection criteria while in residence at Cambridge.

Kenyan, Njoki Wamai and Rebekah Scheuerle were named joint winners at the Gates Cambridge graduation dinner on Friday. Njoki, who is doing a PhD in Politics and International Studies was unable to be at the dinner.

She was recognised for her work in promoting greater diversity in Cambridge. She is the founding president of the Cambridge Eastern African Society (CamEAS), co-founder of the African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU) and the Black Cantabs project which aims to curate the achievements of black Cambridge alumni.

A nominator said these on her, “Njoki’s leadership activities have been instrumental in shaping the strength and visibility of the African diaspora community at Cambridge.”

Njoki Wamai was also recognised for her research on the politics of justice during the transitional period in Kenyan politics after the 2007-2008 post election violence. Her research and activism has seen her profiled as one of the next generation of scholars, thinkers and practitioners in the field of peace and security in Africa by the African Security Sector Newsletter.

In 2012 she was appointed to the United Nations Resolution 1325 Committee in Kenya, a committee that advises on the implementation of peace and security.