The Keroche Foundation Entrepreneurship Academy

If you are a registered business owner, apply for the second edition of Keroche Foundation’s entrepreneurship academy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enter 2016’s Entrepreneurship Academy. This is an initiative by Keroche Foundation. The program is open to business owners from fields in any industry.

As an applicant you will experience 9 days of coaching by industry leaders. The mentorship and modules will help you take your business further. There’s more to the program after wrapping up. You will undergo 9 months of evaluation which includes atleast one site meeting.

Keroche academy


  • Applicant must be aged between 21 and 35 years
  • Business must be operational for atleast 3 consecutive years
  • Applicant must own and control the business
  • Business must generate atleast sh.10M in annual revenue

Application for the entrepreneurship academy opened on April 15th, 2016 and will close on May 20th, 2016. Download an application form here.