Kilimall seeks to create 100k jobs through Affiliate Program

KILIMALL, Africa’s number one online shopping mall, has opened new business opportunities for thousands of young Kenyans through its affiliate marketing program

The marketing program is linked to Kilimall’s online shop,, and targets to create over 100,000 jobs in Kenya by end of the year. Partners in the KiliAffiliates program, which was launched in November last year on a pilot in Nairobi, will earn commissions of up to 8% on various products.

Kilimall Kenya Managing Director Robin Xie says KiliAffiliates program targets mainly Kenyan youth with online and social media presence. “Since the launch, KiliAffiliates has attracted over 5,000 partners some of whom are already earning monthly commissions of up to Sh50,000,” he said. “KiliAffiliates is for online publishers and social media enthusiasts seeking to monetize traffic to their websites and partners can take this up a fulltime job.”

Also known as Cost-per-sale, the affiliate marketing is an online advertisement pricing system where the publisher or website owner is paid on the basis of the number of sales that are directly generated by his portal.

Under the partnership, websites and social media users are given a unique code to enable them display Kilimall banner adverts or links on their websites or social media pages. Any activity through the link is tracked and a sale conversion earns a commission.

“This unique code and account monitor clicks and sales and earnings,” said Mr Xie during the countrywide rollout of the program. “Account activity can be tracked in real-time.”

He said KiliAffiliates will be a win-win partnership as website owners, bloggers and social media enthusiasts will earn from it depending on their traffic.  He said many websites and bloggers have huge traffic but are unable to attract advertising from corporates and other organisations.

“This will create a new generation of entrepreneurs who can work full time on their websites to convert more sales and earn more,” Mr Xie says. “Signing up to the partnership is absolutely free and we expect many website owners to take up this opportunity.”