Learn Entrepreneurial skills with Barclays ReadyToWork program

Barclays Bank of Kenya launched the ReadyToWork program, an initiative that will not only refine your skills for the job market but it will also leave you with the fundamental skills to run a successful formal business.

The ReadyToWork program was successfully piloted in South Africa. It is a free online platform to help  university students upskill your professional skills. And it is not only open to graduates (those between 18 to 24 years), anyone who sees the need to improve themselves is free to register.

In the ReadyToWork program, there are four modules that you can learn.

  • Money skills
  • Entrepreneural skills
  • Work skills
  • People skills

Once  you have completed the ReadytoWork curriculum, you will receive a certificate of completion which  you can be print for inclusion in your skills portfolio.

Since we love entrepreneurship, we decided to break the entrepreneurial module for you.

Entrepreneurial skills

Do you wish to start a business after graduating? if so, this is the perfect module for you. This module will enable you get the skills you need to start, set up, and grow your own business.

In this module, you will first ask yourself this question : What is self employment?  

This course is done through a story, where you get to see  how a person becomes an entrepreneur.  You will get to understand what makes a true entrepreneur and you will see if you have what it takes to be one.

Three emphasis on this course are:

  • You must make your own money
  • You must create your own job security
  • You need a head for business

On the golden rules of  self employment, you will be taught how to make opportunities for yourself to ensure that you stay in business even after going through challenges entrepreneurs ho through

The rest of the module is based around markets, financial knowledge and a ways to grow your business.

At the end of this module, these will be the outcomes.

  • cover important criteria regarding what you need to consider when choosing to be self-employed.
  • gain insight into how to research key information regarding your marketplace.
  • learn how to ensure you have covered all areas required when you choose to start, set up and grow your own business.

The courses take you approximately 1 hour to complete the learning topics that make up Entrepreneurial skills modlue. You are not required to complete the full module in one sitting. You may complete it in a few shorter sessions. Your progress through the module will be tracked and saved.

Register and start learning here.