#HerDiary: What i learned about data plans for small businesses

I love travels. I always say that if travel was cheap, I would never come back. How I wish.

The last quarter of the year are usually my slowest when it comes to business and that’s when I plan my travels around the country and outside. So to start off October, I decided to go upcountry and visit my mum and see her chickens.  I took my well deserved break,  but business in Nairobi had to go on.

Now, if you know how Nakuru, you will know just how unreliable their home and office Internet is, and since my business is reliant on fast and quick Internet, you can imagine just how my business went down.

The first three days were chaotic. I could not respond to messages on social media on time, I could not load a picture let alone a video. I had to reduce the quality of photos so the upload time could be faster.

I got so frustrated and I decided tether from my phone bundles.

I got a moment of nilijua sijui. My bundles depleted with the first upload. I had at least fifteen days to go with my personal plan, but since this was business, I decided to load again, but this time, I decided to get a better plan.

Now, in the last article, I talked about making posts using canva. Now, these social media-do it yourself postersare heavy. Quite heavy, so uploading them on, say Instagram will take a swing at your bundles.

That week, I decided to post a video on how to use my products in the kitchen. That meant I had to post posters and videos all week long.

I also had to schedule tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts. I usually do it twice a week, and post articles from the blog and promos for the business via Hootsuite. Its an amazing platform that allows you to schedule posts for even a month. Thereafter, you just get onto social media to respond to comments and messages. This worked perfectly for me, seeing that i was in a place where reliable internet was scarce.

I decided to get a data plan that works for my business, even if it was for that week. I joined the Platinum 2K  data plan from Safaricom. I still had to tether from my phone as i did not have a router. With this plan, within minutes, i was able to upload a video, upload posters and schedule my social media posts for the entire week. I got 12GB of data which of that, i think i only used 2GB for a week’s worth of work. The rest i had to exhaust after my trip. I also got  400 voice minutes , unlimited sms and access to Whatsapp after i depleted the 2K  data plan.

With this plan, you get discounts if you order meals with Eatout Kenya. I cannot wait to make use of this, once I am done with my travels and come back to Nairobi.

Another great value add that comes with this package, is a discount on all lubricants for your car. I am still yet to redeem mine as service will be in December, but you know how December is. Saving every coin as they come.

If you love travel and events around town, you can get deals from Ticketsasa by just being on this plan.

So, if you want a great plan that can work for your hustle, try this plan.
Save some money, for a lot of value!