Legal process of hiring an employee in Kenya

So you finally got your startup up and running. Hello World! How exciting. But can you do it on your own? Most startups battle with the idea of riding solo for the first couple of months. Until the deadlines you set out for yourself start glaring with constant notifications and reminders on tasks which were due way before. An extra hand, perhaps?

What do you look for?
You’d definitely need someone to walk with down this exciting but demanding path. Hiring someone who shares the same vision with you might not be as realistic because you are the owner of the idea you’re working on. However, you could get one with experience or one to learn on the job. And as the law stipulates the individual must be:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Has registered for NHIF and NSSF
  • Authorised to work in the country
  • Has a KRA PIN

What do you need?
Being a boss comes with a lot of responsibility. You are not only in charge of the Startup, but your employee too. Added to this will be the need for you to pay for their NHIF and NSSF. Additionally, taxes are equally supposed to be taken care of lest the tax man comes for you at the end of the financial year.

Right before you embark on hiring anyone, it is important that you accustom yourself with the following:

So, do you have these ready? What are you waiting for? Set out on placing that job advert and you’ll be surprised by how many would love to help and make your Startup grow.

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