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Key lessons Kenyan entrepreneurs can learn from Sportpesa

Sportpesa was founded in 2014 yet only two years later they are classed among the biggest brands in Kenya. There are 5 lessons every entrepreneur in Kenya can pick from the rise of this company.

1.Sell the name

The betting firm understood that, when all is said and done, marketing trumps everything. This is the reason why you should not ignore networking. Your brand is what makes you stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Therefore, take every chance to market your business. You will create an everlasting awareness of your business to the target market and even those who are not. It’s not surprising then that Sportpesa is involving itself with both topflight and grassroot football in Kenya. They even organized a mega-concert.

2.Consider the low-end market

It has been proven that the best way to scale your business to nationwide operations, in Kenya, is to target the low-end market. Forget what you see, we are still a pretty poor nation. Average household spending is $2000 in a year. In comparison, the juggernauts that are Egypt and South Africa have a figure of $7000 each. Sportpesa made the minimum stake sh.100 to attract a segment who consider price to be the most important motivator. Equity Bank, Safaricom, Keroche Breweries, Royal Media Services among others thought the same.

3.Don’t ignore customer service

Customer service is the best way to keep customers loyal. The betting firm has invested in ensuring seamless communication between itself and its customers. It is said that its call center is more responsive than the mobile network operators. You should always try and go beyond the utility of what you’re selling in satisfying your customers.


4.Be resourceful

This is an important duty for you, the entrepreneur, and how you show commitment to your business idea. When you hit a wall you must always strive to find a way over it. Online betting was always available in Kenya but this company made it oh so convenient to bet. They availed it on the SMS platform and incorporated mobile money into their business model. In the same manner, you should make the situation profitable to you with the tools you have.

5.Don’t miss the chance to grow

Are there benefits to your business remaining small in size? Yes, read about that here. But you can also take the chance to grow. We both know that once your model proves successful, many others will follow your lead. You will find it easy to one-up the competition by leveraging the brand you’ve built. Brand pulls in customers and it’s not easy to change their minds. It’s the same with Sportpesa. They are faced with competition offering similar services but brand keeps them ahead.