Starting a business
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A look at the cost of starting a business

When figuring out the cost of starting a business you need to know more than estimation. Here is a deeper look into how you should expect to spend money when setting up any business idea you have.

Starting a business in Kenya can cost you as little as sh.5000. Proper business management requires that you find out more than this. How will this startup cost spread across the different needs of starting a business? This holds true whatever size or industry your business is in.


You will incur many different expenses before your business goes online. Thus, your budget must be sufficient to avoid impeding your business, in any way, before it starts. A necessary expense is research for market and business location. These will guide you in predicting what response your business idea will get from potential customers. In layman terms, it will determine how much money your business will make.

Expect to also spend money on training and consultations. You already know that it is important to have skills in managing that business in that industry. This knowledge will help you make sense of the professional advice, such as legal service, you will seek before starting your business.

After this you will be equipped to calmly comply with the licenses and permits required for your business. A cost that will go along with these is membership to a networking organization, like KAWBO. For the benefits you receive, as a member, it’s fair that you will part with a membership fee.


Spend money to make money. Capital expenditure, though, could really empty your pockets. These are the one-off purchases you will make when starting a business. Think of furniture, equipments and similar assets. Lucky for you, there are hacks to help you save money when spending on assets.

Foremost, go for organic business growth. Starting small not only gives you the space to learn as you grow but also means you will spend less on capital expenditure. Secondly, avoid buying fancy things that don’t improve efficacy of the business. Moreover, when buying make sure to prefer second hand as it will save you that money.


Yes, financing is part of determining the cost of starting a business. Before starting the business you will decide where money will come from. Are you doing at alone? Do you have investors who believe in your idea? Are you going to have to speak to the bank? Just be sure to have it mapped out in your business plan.

Once your business starts, things financing will be treated as cashflow. Afterall, this is one of the important documents you should consider when starting a business. It’s a simple concept, much like the other things you need to know. Basically, don’t forget that to keep in mind that as your business grows; the costs rise as well.