MEST Africa
Photo: MEST Africa

MEST Africa entrepreneurial training program (fully funded)

Are you a driven individual looking to level-up your skills in entrepreneurship? Apply and participate in the MEST Africa entrepreneurial training program.

MEST stands for the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. MEST Africa was founded in 2008 and supports entrepreneurs in the continent through a number of ways. This includes incubation and seed funding.

Also, MEST Africa runs an entrepreneurial training program. The initiative is a 12-month MBA-level training in business, communication and software development. The training program takes place in Accra, Ghana, and is fully sponsored.


Participants learn by hands-on project work. They form teams, develop an idea and produce viable products. They then have a goal to attain customers. There is a “final exams.” Wait, the exam is a final pitch to the MEST Africa board for seed funding and incubation.

If you are able to commit one year in Accra, Ghana, for the program do apply. You should also meet the following criteria:

  • Have entrepreneurial or corporate work experience
  • Have a degree from a top University, Technical College or their equivalents
  • Have passion to start a software company

Selection for the MEST Africa training program will take place in 3 phases. The first will involve telephone interview and the second will require applicants to complete an online aptitude test. Final recruitment will be through in-person interviews in Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and South Africa.

Application for this program opens in the 3rd quarter of every year. Application window closes in March of the following year; 2019 in this case. Check out the Official Webpage to learn more and apply.