Why you should move to the UnlimiNet package

Airtel has made strides in the telecommunication industry by introducing new products that evolve with customer’s need. At the Aitel BAKE experience held on 25th of August, the Airtel team shared with us about their journey with the UnlimiNet package.

When it comes to new innovations, Airtel monitors user behavior and that guides their innovations. They aim to create products that are relevant to their customers. Take for example the UnlimiNet product.This product is made to meet all the customer needs with voice, data and sms.

With the new Airtel UnlimiNET , you can keep browsing and networking online even after your data runs out.  You also get free WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. The minimum daily amount of Ksh 20 allows you to get 8 minutes talk time, 20 sms and 20 MB of data. The minimum monthly amount of Ksh 500 allows you access to 100 minutes of talk time, 500 sms and 1GB of data.

This package has worked very well with SMEs as being online is one of the core of their businesses. Small business owners find the UnlimiNet package very convenient. For as less as 500 a month they can upload infinite photos on social media and connect with their clients online.

It has been one and a half years since the introduction of UnlimiNet and according to Airtel, with the UnlimiNet bundles, Internet usage at Airtel Kenya has grown by a phenomenal 300%. Individual use has also grown.75% of users use data while 77% of Airtel subscribers use Airtel Internet.

Airtel is continuously investing in their infrastructure to increase their user base as well as  making efforts to enable further penetration of mobile phones in the country. They have just introduced an affordable smartphone that costs Ksh 3,500 to enable more Kenyans get connected.

For those with young children, they will be happy to know that under the UnlimiNet package, there is parental control that allows you to restrict what the young ones can access on the internet.

For an even better UnlimiNet experience in other towns, Airtel is  working on improving their network in all towns and whats more? If you pay for your data bundles with Airtel money, you get a 5% discount. As consumers’ demands evolve, Airtel plans to evolve with them by providing data solutions . We cannot wait to see what is in store with Airtel.


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