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Analysing networking as a tool for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur it is necessary to know how effective networking is as a tool in prospering your business. Herbusiness analyses for you a word you’ve heard plenty of times, perhaps second only to entrepreneurship itself.

Networking is defined differently by different people. Nevertheless, it involves connecting with individuals of your profession for personal advancement. It is not only relevant to employment seekers but also something entrepreneurs should take an interest in.

Entrepreneurs should see networking as an essential skill to develop. When your startup is established it will be most important to market yourself and your engagement. Networking is one of the means for this and it can be fun, especially, with all the socializing that comes with it.

It is mainly associated with opportunities. As an entrepreneur, you get to mingle with the captains of industry and fledglings like yourself. Both represent opportunities to take your business a step forward. You can build up partnerships with the latter and draw in the former as investors. Through networking you also get referrals for your product or service as your profile rises.

Even acquiring knowledge is an opportunity. It is not a benefit too many count because it is unquantifiable in hard currency. The possibility of learning from those who have shared in your current situation is an opportunity not to miss. You will also be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs’ stories and differences in perspective.

With all that said, many entrepreneurs romanticize networking. They see it as the be-all and end-all of taking your first strides. Well, I cannot blame them. The gospel of networking is prevalent and it never takes a peak onto the other side of the coin. I could have, as well, easily let you off with the previous paragraph.

The most important thing is not collecting and handing out a bunch of business cards. Becoming a thought-leader, an expert in your field is much more relevant. You will find yourself become a magnet in those networking forums.

Equally important to know is that networking by nature works best for those who are very good at it. If you don’t have the requisite skills nobody will give you that deal no matter how many follow-up emails are there. If you are an awkward entrepreneur at social gatherings you don’t need to beat yourself up. Neither do you need to script conversations to give your email address. In business they always talk about enjoyment and passion, these should apply here.

Networking can and does work. This, though, only holds true after you have set yourself up well in your niche. Only when this is done will you reap the benefits of important contacts in the right places. Your own work is still the priority.