OneBeat 2019
Photo: OneBeat

OneBeat 2019 fellowship for musicians (funded to USA)

If you are a musician looking to go on a creative adventure and work with other artists, like yourself, apply for OneBeat 2019 residency program for musicians.

A great thing about OneBeat 2019 fellowship program is that you don’t, necessarily, have to be a full-time musician to apply. You just need to be talented in any genre and young – between ages 19 and 35 years old. You should also be a resident and citizen of one of the 46 countries identified for the program. 12 of these are African and Kenya is one of them.

The countries have been determined by the U.S. Department of State, which is behind the OneBeat initiative through its Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. OneBeat is a music exchange program.

So, OneBeat 2019 will be bringing together 25 musicians to the U.S. for a one month fellowship program. What will participants be doing? Making music. The fellows will collaborate to create and record new or original music. They will then go on a tour performing to American audiences. OneBeat 2019 will also see the fellows work with American musicians, to pick practices from each other.

OneBeat 2019 Application

This will be the eigth edition of the OneBeat residency program. Applications will only be accepted on individual basis, even if you are a music group. You will be required to write about your musical background, interests and future projects. A sample of 3-5 of your solo and collaborative works will complete your application. The works will be accepted in both audio and video formats.

Assessment of applications will be based on:

  • High level of performance, composition, improvisational, production or technical skills – also, how innovative you are stylistically, lyrically or technologically
  • How prepared you are to try new things or reinterpret; your willingness to reach across musical and cultural divides
  • Whether you’ve used music to serve community. This could be by way of guiding others in music education or addressing issues through your music content

Proficiency in English communication and interest use will also be observed. OneBeat will cover all costs towards the program. Deadline for application is 21st December, 2018. Visit the OneBeat 2019 application page to learn more and apply.