Pam Nail Polish

Pam Nail Polish: Herbusiness entrepreneur of the week

This week we feature Pam and her business Pam Nail Polish. She advises you to have passion and persistence when you start a business. Read on more of what she had to say about her entrepreneur experience.

1.Tell us a bit about your business

Founded in January 2015, Pam Nail Care Ltd is aiming to be the leading Nail Care Brand. The business is built around building a chain of nail bars and branded nail care products.

We have a nail polish dubbed Pam Nail Polish, nail polish removers and scrubs as well as our first Nail Bar located on Tom Mboya Street, Kai Plaza ( opposite Odeon) 3rd floor no.8. We want when you think nails, you think PAM.

2.How do / did you raise funds for your business?

I used personal savings from my previous work as a flight attendant and when I needed more money, I borrowed from family.  I also wanted to start small and build the brand gradually by plowing back what we make.

Pam Nail Lacquer

3.What has been your biggest achievement in business so far?

Creating employment and impacting the lives of fellow Kenyans especially the youth. As well as wining the best Nail Professional 2016.

4.What do you think is the most important thing a start-up needs to be a success?

A visionary leader. A vision of where you want your business to be is very vital and a team that believes in that vision and works towards that.

5.What do you know now that you wish you knew before you started your business?

That managing cash flows would be a challenge. How important it is to have the right team working for you. And that Rome was not built in a day so patience is a virtue.

6.What advice would you give a young woman who wants to venture into business?

Enter a venture that you will enjoy and see yourself doing it after 5 years. If you don’t have passion and are persistent you won’t be successful. Don’t start a business because you see other’s in it but because you have seen a gap in the industry and are out to fill it.

7.Finally, please share your contacts, social media pages with our readers

Pam Nail Lacquer

We are located on Tom Mboya Street, Kai Plaza (opposite Odeon) 3rd floor no.8. You can buy our products here and/or get your nails done.

Call: 0790279931

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